Thursday, September 22, 2011

People Do Weird Things

Lately I have spent a lot of time on the internet viewing some of the user content that people tend to post on such sites as youtube and facebook. The majority of the time what people decide to be funny or creative is actually just mildly interesting at best, like a Suzanne Collins book.

However, there are sometimes things that just don't make any sense. Some people just don't think like me at all. The creation of this video is very much evidence of this fact:

What would possess a human to think of such a dance? In conjunction with the conception of this weirdness, can you consider the dancers who actually performed this, what they were thinking when they were hired on for the job? I can only imagine them thinking: I am only doing this because I am tired of dumpster diving for my morning bagel. Poor artists, they make so little money that they are forced to these lengths.

But occasionally there are things that people find funny that are in actuality just plain dull. Take this video for example:

What is so funny about a bunch of cows being attracted to a Jazz Band that it is actually worth the time of almost a million people to watch? I don't get it, and I am pretty sure that the cows don't either.