Sunday, December 22, 2013

Change of Color

Recently I have been discussing with my wife the possibility of her changing her hair color. Admittedly I am a newb at marriage and, of course, I did not think that this subject was taboo. Come to find out after discussing it with my family at Sunday dinner when Andrea was at work, this topic is akin to playing with fire. Having only been married about a month and a half, perhaps it is a little too early to discuss changing for each.

But what is done is done. Surely there is no harm in trying something fresh, something new and exciting, even at this early stage in our marriage. As part of the agreement that she would change her hair, I would try and find a look on her that I liked. My first impression was the punker-rock black lowlights with a-line cut. However, having dealt with her blonde hair her entire wife, Andy helped me see the light that many girls with those types of hair cuts are not natural blondes, making her hair untenable for such a hair-do. 

Undeterred by her lack of faith in my vision, I decided to set out and show Andrea how her hair would look with certain colors attached. What follows is my exploration into some new hair colors for my wife, with photos courtesy of my sister-in-laws photography business Frame a Smile. I couldn't get the lowlights to work very well (which indicates that it probably is not a good look on a natural blonde, to my chagrin :( ... oh well), but I was able to make these beauties. If you want, let me know which one you like the most.


The original is still the best in my opinion.


Highlights Added
Red Hair with Highlights
Red Hair without Highlights

Original 2:

Yeah, original is definitely best.


Brown hair
Red Hair
Read Hair with Highlights
Red Highlights. Probably my second favorite.

Any way you look at it, my wife is gorgeous. I enjoyed making these more than any other picture just so I could look at her more. What a great thing photoshop is. Perhaps I will just content myself with these little images as being enough change for now:)